1.    ADD ACCESS CONTROL TO YOUR BUSINESS With an access control system, you can control who comes and goes from your place of business. You can also protect private information by placing an access control keypad outside of a room that holds confidential information. 2.     ADD CAMERA SURVEILLANCE Do you suspect that employee theft is taking place at your company? Are you concerned that your employees are slacking off on your dime? Notice vandalism to the outside of your business? Are people dumping their trash in your dumpster? Add camera surveillance and never again will you have to suspect and [...]


Property Managers & Landlords Should Consider Access Control &Surveillance


As 2015 comes to a close, many apartment managers are deciding to use their end-of-the-year budget surpluses to add security measures like access control and camera surveillance systems to their properties.  They recognize that doing so will protect their residents and staff, decrease the odds of fraudulent lawsuits, and increase their property values. Many state laws stipulate that property owners have a legal duty to provide safety and security for their tenants and are therefore responsible for accidents and injuries that occur on their property.  In 2006, for example, David Cadena of Palm Beach County filed a lawsuit against his property owner over [...]

Property Managers & Landlords Should Consider Access Control &Surveillance2015-12-14T14:22:27-05:00

Crime Prevention for Your Business This Holiday


The National Retail Federation reports that the holiday period accounts for nearly 20 percent of total annual retail sales. Unfortunately, this same period also experiences a substantial increase in shoplifting. In other words, there’s no better time to protect your business than now. Some businesses hire temporary staff around the holidays in an effort to combat shoplifting and prepare for the increase in sales. However, temporary staff also increases the risk of employee theft, which results in the loss of a staggering $4.7 billion annually. As a leading security provider, Crime Intervention Alarm has the necessary tools to ensure that your [...]

Crime Prevention for Your Business This Holiday2015-12-08T15:08:49-05:00

Total Connect- Taking your security system to the next level.


Crime Intervention Alarm Total Connect remote services As technology brings the world closer together, the need to feel connected is ever present. With our CIA Total Connect remote security solution you can now utilize the internet to control your security system in real time. Whether you’re across the street, across town, or across the country you can use any web enabled device to access your business or home security system. Automation and Energy Management When combined with Z-Wave enabled devices, Total ConnectTM Remote Services can help you save money and enjoy a safer, more comfortable lifestyle. You can even set scenes [...]

Total Connect- Taking your security system to the next level.2015-03-09T14:50:32-04:00

Are Your Facilities Really Secure?


While violent crime has decreased recently in the U.S., the news continues to bring sad reminders that violence can happen anywhere people gather. Because a single security lapse can have devastating consequences, controlling access to your campus or facilities is essential to keeping employees and visitors safe. An employee badging system is one security option that provides numerous benefits in addition to enhanced facility security. Badge System Options The most basic badge system is a simple ID card that the user presents to a guard to gain access to a facility. This is the least secure and most time-intensive system for users [...]

Are Your Facilities Really Secure?2014-11-24T14:00:05-05:00

Four Things Employees Won’t Tell You That Your Cameras Will


Have you ever wondered what goes on in your business when you’re not around? If you asked your employees to tell you, chances are you might learn a thing or two. But there are a lot more things they probably wouldn’t tell you. It’s just human nature: employees may be happy to “dish” on one another, but most hesitate to “snitch” to management even when they perceive a serious performance problem. Why? Because complaints can lead to trouble, and most employees would rather put up with a handful of known problems than fly to the troubles that may await should they [...]

Four Things Employees Won’t Tell You That Your Cameras Will2014-11-24T13:57:30-05:00

Shoppers Foot the Bill for Retail Theft


Shoplifting is the leading cause of retail shrink, a recent survey found, but employee theft is not far behind. According to the 2013-2014 Global Retail Theft Barometer published by Checkpoint systems and The Smart Cube, shrink costs U.S. retailers about 1.4 percent of sales or $45 billion each year. Sources of shrink rank as follows: Shoplifting - 38 percent Employee theft - 28 percent Administration/non-crime losses - 21 percent Supplier fraud - 13 percent As you can see, shoplifting and employee theft account for about two thirds of retail shrink. The Cost of Retail Crime Retail crime costs every shopper in the [...]

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