Advanced License Plate Capturing Cameras

Crime Intervention Alarm can provide your business with specialized lincense plate capturing cameras to catch fleeing vehicles at any time of day.

  • Clear, Full Images
    Our license plate capturing cameras will provide you with high-resolution images.
  • Night Vision Capability
    View trespassers or unauthorized vehicles on your property at any time of day.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
    We put our existing customers first and provide 24/7 support for all Crime Intervention clients.

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What can CIA’s license plate capturing cameras do for your business?

License plate cameras are unique CCTV cameras that have the capability of capturing license plates. Our license plate cameras will capture full, clear images of fleeing cars’ license plates no matter what time of day, how fast the vehicle is traveling, or what the weather is like. Our cameras also compensate for vehicle headlights. Most cameras have issues trying to capture images with bright headlights getting in the way, especially at night. With our auto-compensating cameras, you won’t have to worry about getting a crystal clear image, no matter what time of day.


Other Unauthorized Vehicle Capturing Technology

High-Def Megapixel IP Cameras

High-Def Megapixel IP technology allows cameras to provide much higher resolution than analog CCTV. This gives you the ability to see greater detail or to provide you wider coverage. Compared to analog CCTV cameras, these cameras give you at least three times the resolution. These are great for capturing vehicles’ make, model, color, etc.

Infrared Night Vision Cameras

Our high-quality infrared cameras give you powerfully detailed images in pitch black areas so you are never faced with surprises. Perfect for watching over inventory or secluded areas that are vulnerable to vandals, thieves, or unauthorized vehicles.

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Service was very good from start to finish and upgraded my service to wireless. So far so good. Techs are professional and curious. Thank you for making me feel safer in my home, and while I’m away!


You guys always do a great job for our 3 stores anytime we have a problem you guys take care of it quickly. Thanks again!

Tim Keriazes, Famous Hot Weiner North Inc.

It has been quite a while since I needed anyone from CIA to do any work on my system. All is working well as far as I know and CIA has always been very responsive and helpful. No problems on my end.

William Arrington

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