Intelligent Visitor Management & Guestbook Systems

Visitor management systems are fully integrated electronic systems that require guests to register on arrival and then print custom badges for temporary facilities access. The systems can maintain records for regular visitors to allow fast access during future visits. Visitor management systems provide timed attendance records that can be useful for organizations with a high volume of regular visitors. Some systems feature kiosks that allow easy, convenient self-check-in.

Visitor management systems are a popular choice for daycare facilities, churches, libraries, museums, aquariums, amusement parks and other public facilities.

What Can Our Visitor Management Systems Do?

Crime Intervention Alarm offers custom and personalized visitor management systems.
Here are a few most frequently utilized features (among many others.)

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How Does Crime Intervention Work For You?

Streamline, Fast Visitor Sign-In

Give your visitors a great first impression and make it easier for everyone with simple one-click check-ins.

Monitor Activity & Past Visitors

Know exactly who has been in your office and when with our advanced logs and activity reporting.

Lower Costs

Decrease the cost of after-hours staff with systems that connect to your doors. Visitors such as a delivery person can only enter the building after authenticating themselves with your visitor management system.

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