Advanced Employee Badges & Nametags

CIA offers numerous systems that generate employee badges, including electromagnetic badges, proximity cards, printed badges and photo IDs. Electronic badges automatically record entrance and exit times and offer many benefits. Users can be added or deleted in seconds, allowing you to grant and deny building access immediately as needed.

Employee Badging Features

Proximity Card & Fob Access

These systems grant access to users who have an authorized badge or key fob when they pass within a specified range of a proximity reader. They are convenient because they are hands-free. Key fobs are discreet and easy to carry on keychains or lanyards. Proximity cards may also feature photos to serve as a multi-purpose ID card. Both systems allow multiple users to access the facility simultaneously, making them an ideal solution for entrances with high traffic at certain times of day.

Attendance Reports


Crime Intervention Alarm’s systems are available that track attendance and generate customized reports automatically and on demand. Our systems are customized to fit your school or facilities specific needs and can provide up to years of faculty and staff attendance records.

Photo ID Cards

03_PhotoIDs_01Utilize advanced security photo ID cards in your facility. Full high-quality HD photography in true color. These cards not only have the employees information on it including their updated photograph but can be used to access specific areas of the building and deactivated within seconds by security staff when the employee leaves the organization.

Verify Employee Attendance

Get weekly reports delivered right to your inbox with details on all faculty and staff’s attendance. Track the exact moment employees enter and exit your building and see records up to years in the past.

Why Choose Crime Intervention Alarm?

We’ve had over 20 years of experience installing employee systems and access control for nearly any industry or application. We know all of the best practices and can work with nearly any budget. In today’s world, the safety of your faculty and staff is priority and therefore we strive to be #1 in commercial security applications.

With the number one priority of protecting what matters most to each organization, We were built on the following principles:

  • True, personalized customer service. A CIA customer will never feel like “a number.”
  • Always make sure that each customer has the equipment that is right for his or her specific situation. Customizable solutions are key!
  • Provide only the fastest, most reliable security monitoring service on the market.

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