Advanced Employee Theft Prevention Technology

Businesses lose millions of dollars annually in the US, and a large portion of this loss is due to employee theft. Employee theft can occur anywhere in a business, so it is important to secure as many areas of your business as possible. Having more security and surveillance on your business is a large deterrent for employee theft because the likelihood of getting caught is largely increased. One main reason why employees steal from their place of work is that they have the opportunity to do so. By adding more security to your business, you are minimizing their opportunities to commit theft.

Warning Signs of Employee Theft – Employees That:

  • Consistently going against company rules or policies
  • Have lied to you or other employees on multiple occasions
  • Have an addiction such as gambling or drug
  • Live frivolously even though it is unlikely that they can afford it

Employee Theft Statistics:

  • Approximately $50 billion are stolen from US businesses by employees
  • 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once
  • The average time fraud occurs before it is detected is 2 years
  • 42.7% of inventory shrinkage is due to employee theft

POS Surveillance

Video cameras monitoring cash registers can be tied to transaction data from registers to ensure accuracy and easily identify errors and false entries.

Asset Protection

Guard valuable electronics and other assets with wireless asset protection devices. These devices detect any attempt to move individual pieces of equipment to ensure that they stay where you place them.

Access Control

Control individual access to stock rooms, cash rooms and other secure areas of your facility and keep logs of all activity in sensitive areas.

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