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Crime Intervention Alarm provides dependable, easy to use burglar protection solutions that fit any requirements and budget. We offer simple solutions to provide your business with the security it needs.

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    Crime Intervention Alarm lets you manage all aspects of your security system remotely with a computer, tablet or phone.

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    With CIA, you’ll have the fastest service available with our 19 second or less response time.

  • We’ll Assess the Risks

    Our professionals will assess common security risk factors to determine what security options are right for you.

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What can a burglar alarm system do for you?

A burglar alarm system will trigger in the event of an unauthorized entry using sensors. Typically the alarm will make a sound when it is set off and will alert you or your monitoring system of an intrusion in your Eastern West Virginia business. Even the sound of an alarm can be enough to ward off an intruder.

Is your business’s security at risk?

Common Break-in Locations

  • A burglar first checks to see if there are any doors or ground-floor windows unlocked or are easy to open.
  • 30% of business thieves enter through an unlocked door or without exerting a lot of force.
  • Other thieves will try to access any roof-top openings. Roof-top entrances are often easy to break into or even unlocked.
  • Multi-story windows are also common places of entry. They are often left unlocked or even open because they are forgotten about.

Other Common Risks

  • Burglars will often cut exposed alarm or phone wires. This is because security systems often tied into the phone lines. Crime Intervention Alarm uses wireless equipment so this issue is resolved.
  • Thieves are looking for the easiest business to break into. The more steps you take in securing your business, the less likely your business will be at risk of theft.
  • If your business was a victim of theft in the past, and no security precautions were taken afterward, it is likely that your business will be a victim again at some point.

Burglar Alarms in Eastern West Virginia

Home intrusions remain one of the biggest problems and fears for people when it comes to owning a home. This is the case for many homeowners who live and operate in Eastern West Virginia. A lot of the times, your life can even be put at risk when one of the incidents occur. Because of this, CIA offers top of the line burglar alarms that are designed to help you better secure your living environment and allow you to be able to focus more on other important matters instead of constantly worrying about your house being compromised by a criminal seeking to take advantage of you and your family. Our systems are easy to use and provide you with the ultimate in home safety and security.

Even after being presented with this information, you may still be wondering why you specifically may need the use of a home security system. In the United States, there are about 3.7 million home invasions every year. In 28% of these cases, there is a family member or a pet at home during the time of the crime. In 7% of the cases, a family member is even violently attacked and sometimes seriously injured. So a simple laptop or other valuables may not be the only thing that you put on the line by not having a sufficient security system equipped at your home.

With CIA, you can feel rest assured that when you have a burglar alarm operating at your home, fully trained professionals are always working around the clock to ensure that your system remains uncompromised. This is achieved in a variety of ways including, motion detectors, door and window sensors, infrared cameras and video surveillance and even glass break detectors. You will also be equipped with a state of the art key pad that will allow you to arm and disarm your system manually anytime you need to. This gives you the ultimate amount of control inside and outside of your home.

Because of the rise and advancement of technology, there are more expensive devices that are portable and easily concealable. This makes it easier for a criminal to invade your home, take these items and be able to flip them by selling them. This is the reason that home burglaries have never been at a higher rate than right now.

CIA has over 20 years of experience in the security industry. Because of this, you should feel assured that we will be able to effectively relieve any anxiety that you may have toward securing your home and keeping yourself and your family safe. We work very closely with each customer to ensure that their needs are met for their specific situation. You should never feel like just a number like you would with some of the other big names in home security. The safety of you and your family will remain as our number one priority as well as efficiently protecting your home and valuables.

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Having a Secure Business is Just a Call Away.

Remote Control

Crime Intervention Alarm lets you manage all aspects of your security system remotely with a computer, tablet or phone. Monitor employees and your business at any time by connecting to the live feed of your cameras.

24/7 US Monitoring

CIA has three UL certified alarm monitoring centers located throughout the country with trained, professional operators at the ready. Each center is backed up and has uninterruptible power supplies, so you’ll always have the fastest monitoring service with you and/or the authorities being notified within 19 seconds of a problem.

We’ll Assess the Risks

Our professionals will assess common security risk factors such as building, size, and employee and customer traffic to determine what security options are right for your business in Eastern West Virginia.

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