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Here at Crime Intervention Alarm, we provide a variety of video surveillance solutions that will work for virtually any application. There is an array of security cameras available, and we’ll help you decide which will work best for your situation.

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Specialty Cameras

CIA offers a range of top-quality cameras to monitor all of the areas you need to manage, regardless of weather or time of day, while providing the necessary resolution for your unique security needs.

If you need to be able to recognize faces at night, you will need a different type of camera from one that you use indoors to keep an eye on your children. If you just want to know when someone approaches your door, a more basic, lower resolution camera may be sufficient.

Our expert security advisers can provide a wide range of quality cameras to serve any need.


Remote Access Live Audio & Video Feeds

Monitor Your Cameras From Anywhere in the World

Nothing offers peace of mind quite like being able to see for yourself what’s happening at the touch of a button. Our video surveillance systems allow you to see real-time video of your property from a phone or computer at any time in any location. In addition, you can receive realtime alerts via email or phone whenever cameras are triggered, providing the ultimate surveillance experience.

Need to See at Night?

Not a Problem!

Because so much criminal activity happens at night, it’s critical to make sure your cameras can provide usable images in all lighting conditions. Most of our cameras provide full night vision capabilities. CIA also provides thermal imaging cameras. These cameras provide exceptional accuracy at night and can differentiate animals and people from surrounding objects.

Watch one of our night vision cameras capture a car break-in!


License Plate Capturing Ability

Need to capture moving cars’ license plates? There’s a camera for that! We offer advanced license plate capturing cameras that will capture full, clear images of fleeing cars’ license plates no matter what time of day, how fast the vehicle is traveling, or what the weather is like.Our cameras are so clear, you’re able to capture clear pictures of license plates and faces from over 100 feet away even in the middle of the night! We’ve helped catch criminals and incidents such as:

  • License plates of vehicles fleeing from a robbery
  • Hit and run accidents in a large parking lot
  • Unauthorized vehicles on private property
  • Plus much more!

Vandals or Harsh Climates?

Our cameras will handle it all!


Tired of being the victim of vandalism? Our vandal resistant cameras will help you put an end to it with a clear recording of all activities. They’re excellent wherever crime is a problem.


Outdoor cameras take a beating from the sun, rain, storms, snow, ice, and wind. For foolproof performance, we offer weatherproof cameras capable of performing in challenging outdoor locations.

Pan/Tilt Cameras

Pan/tilt/zoom cameras allow close-up surveillance over a large area from a single camera. Because they can zoom in when activity is detected, they can protect multiple vulnerable security points while capturing legible images of faces and other important details. All of our cameras are compatible with any mobile device and can be controlled remotely.

  • Zoom in with clarity and detail 
  • Pan/tilt with accuracy and precision to hone in on details
  • Remote control with any mobile device

Motion Detection and Auto-Tracking Using TripWire

With Crime Intervention Alarm’s TripWire technology, you’ll have more control over your building’s ground by utilizing your security cameras. With TripWire, you’ll be able to start and stop recordings only when subjects move in a specific direction, or all directions in your video footage. You’ll also be able to set specific events so that, for example, you receive a specific notification when someone enters your building, but a different notification when someone exits. Finally, our systems work with each other, so if your camera system senses unusual motion, we can play sirens or alert the monitoring center of the situation.

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