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Crime Intervention Alarm offers the best complete security solutions for homeowners that want their home and its residents safe and secure at all times.

  • HD Video Surveillance
    Security cameras provide an easy, reliable way to monitor activity, even when you are not there.
  • Advanced NVR Systems
    Record on motion, email clips to authorities and record crisp clear video for your peace of mind.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
    We put our existing customers first and provide 24/7 support for all Crime Intervention clients.

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Experience Complete Home Security

Control Your Security System From Anywhere in The World

With Crime Intervention Alarm, you’ll be able to access all the features of your custom home security system wherever and whenever. We understand the value of remote control and will go above and beyond your expectations with this technology to secure your home and family. Some frequent features our families enjoy include:

  • Remote arm/disarm your system
  • Remote control of camera video feeds
  • Temperature change with thermostat
  • Push notifications for events such as a child coming home
  • Pet monitoring & two-way communication

We’ve had experience with advanced home security systems for over 20 years. We create free proposals that fit any home size and budget. Please get in touch with us today to protect your home and family.

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Total Security For Your Home

Why wait for an intrusion to happen? Get one step ahead of any criminals in your area by installing a Crime Intervention Alarm home security system. Here at CIA, we use a variety of equipment types to keep your home, your family, and valuables under lockdown. We use advanced motion and glass break detectors to catch even the sneakiest of burglars but keep pets of any size from creating a false-positive trigger. Additionally, all of our systems are wireless, ensuring easy installation and removal when you move to a new home.

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Watch A Crime be Prevented with HD Security!

Did you know 60% of criminals avoid homes with video surveillance?
Keep your family protected! Contact us today!

With Crime Intervention Alarm’s TripWire technology, you’ll be able to start and stop recordings HD recordings only when subjects move in a specific direction, or all directions in your video footage. Set specific events so that when specific motion is detected, such as a person arriving at your property, you’ll get an instant notification on your phone.


Real-time Instant Text Alerts

You will receive a text message every time an event occurs in your home.  You’ll be alerted whenever an alarm goes off, your system is armed or disarmed, or when somebody enters your home.  By using the text message alert option, you will have full power and control of anyone within your home and anyone that tries to enter wherever you may be.

Get instant alerts for common or unique events such as:

  • Delivery Attempts
  • Student coming home from school
  • Pet movement in a particular room (or on the sofa)
  • Forced entry inside home, basement or outdoor sheds/garages
  • Plus many more customizable events!

Fire & CO Alarm Monitoring

Be Alerted at the Smoldering Stage

Thousands of residential fires occur every year and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. CIA’s fire alarms will detect a fire before it gets out of hand. This way your family has time to escape to safety, and firefighters have time to save your home and belongings.

Carbon monoxide is a silent, scentless killer and can quickly overcome occupants of a building, particularly when they are asleep, resulting in death. Without a CO detector, it would be impossible to escape in time.

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