Stopping Retail Theft

According to the National Association for Shoplifting Protection (NASP), more than $35 million of goods are stolen every day from U.S. retailers. That’s about $1.46 million per hour.

Protecting your business from theft doesn’t have to be expensive. Many options are available today to create a system that will suit your particular needs and budget. Some of the most effective options for preventing shoplifting include the following:

Video Surveillance

Surveillance cameras are without a doubt the most common and most effective deterrent against a range of crimes including shoplifting. A few cameras placed in strategic locations in your business can allow real-time remote surveillance as well as a record of events.

DVR & CCTV Systems

Video Recorders automatically record tape in loops of 30 days or more. The video is stored automatically with no hassle and no maintenance on your part.

Anti-Theft Devices

RFID tracking devices are another effective deterrent against shoplifting.

Take The Right Steps Now

Most businesses are unaware of the security gaps in their facilities and operations. Yet as NASP has shown, theft is a widespread and costly problem. To be sure that you’re using the most cost effective solutions, you need a comprehensive loss prevention assessment from a certified professional.

CIA offers certified services and systems to address all of your business’s security needs. Our comprehensive loss prevention assessments can help you close the hidden security gaps in your business.

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