Stop Losing Money To Time Card Fraud

Time card fraud is one of the most widespread forms of employee fraud because it involves small, incremental thefts. Because employees are stealing time rather than cash, and because people tend to view their time as their own (even when you’re paying them for it), many employees do not even consider time card fraud theft at all. Yet over a period of months or years, the drain on your business’s productivity is very real, and it adds up to real cash.

Today, it is much easier to prevent time card fraud thanks to the many electronic systems that are available to business owners of all sizes. The following are just a few of the options available to ensure that your employees are accurately recording their time and attendance:

Card Access Systems

Employee Access Systems are available to record access and entry into any area of your facility. Systems using electronic badges, proximity cards, key fobs and keypads to grant access are available. These systems accurately track the locations of all employees and will even generate automated time and attendance reports for you.

Video Surveillance

Security cameras placed in strategic areas can provide an additional layer of security as well as a record of events in case of disputes.

Digital Time Clocks

Our IP Time Clock systems track employee times and generate automated payroll reports to ensure accurate payroll.

CIA offers all of these systems and more to help your business prevent time card fraud. Contact one of our representatives today to explore your options.

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