How Can You Save Money On Insurance?

In addition to preventing financial losses due to fire, theft and injury, a business security system can save you money by reducing your business insurance premiums. Most insurance companies provide discounts to commercial customers who protect their businesses with qualified security and alarm systems.

What Do Insurance Companies Discount?

Discounts are usually available for fire and CO protection as well as theft protection. Some insurers may require specific types of alarm systems and equipment to qualify for a discount, while others may award discounts only for qualified systems that are connected to a central monitoring service. Some insurance companies require installation of a UL certified alarm system to qualify for a premium discount.

Make sure you’re getting every last available discount on your commercial insurance policy by informing your insurance agent of any security system installations in your business and by installing only quality, certified services.

Get The Right Security System

CIA offers UL certified business security systems as well as one of the fastest central monitoring services in the nation. Talk to a representative today to find out about the certified equipment, services and monitoring offered by CIA.

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