While violent crime has decreased recently in the U.S., the news continues to bring sad reminders that violence can happen anywhere people gather. Because a single security lapse can have devastating consequences, controlling access to your campus or facilities is essential to keeping employees and visitors safe. An employee badging system is one security option that provides numerous benefits in addition to enhanced facility security.

Badge System Options

The most basic badge system is a simple ID card that the user presents to a guard to gain access to a facility. This is the least secure and most time-intensive system for users and the host company alike. Electronic badges are equipped with bar codes, magnetic strips or proximity codes to grant access automatically when the badge is read by a dedicated scanner.

Benefits of Electronic Card Access Systems

Electronic badge systems provide several benefits in addition to enhanced facility safety:

Selective Access: Because each card has a unique code, you can program scanners to grant access only to certain individuals in your organization, giving each user access only to the areas you authorize. The amount of control you have is limited only by the number of scanners you install.

Timed Access: You can also limit the times and days of the week when individual users are allowed to access different areas of your facility. For example, you might grant one employee access only during weekdays, while another might have access only on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Automated Records: Electronic scanners automatically log events and create reports for you, giving you a complete and reliable record of all traffic through your facility. This can be integrated with timekeeping systems to prevent time card fraud.

Easy Deactivation: When employees leave, you can lock them out immediately simply by deactivating the code. No worries about getting keys back or, worse, about angry employees returning to your campus with bad intentions.

Convenience: Electronic badge systems provide convenient access during off hours when security staff are not on duty.

Advanced Security

Today’s card access systems can be integrated into a larger security plan to ensure that your employees and guests are well protected while using your facilities. To talk with someone about making your facility more secure, contact CIA to schedule a consultation today.

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