Getting professional support for your home or business security gives additional peace of mind.  It might also offer access to the sort of technology and manpower that is beyond a domestic budget.

However, when choosing your company, a dilemma arises.  Do you go for a big, national (or global) company with all the access to systems and technology that such a move offers?  Or do you stay local?  This option might mean a smaller business will be taking care of your security needs, but local knowledge compensates for this.

The point about security needs is that everybody’s is different.  A local company must, in order to survive and flourish, invest soundly in a provision that matches your needs.  Such a personal approach should be worth an enormous amount to a customer.

There are other advantages of choosing local over the ‘big box’, large company package.

Local Knowledge

As mentioned above, this is a major advantage a smaller company can offer.  From working in your locality, such a company will know the specific risks, dangers, and vulnerabilities of living or having your business situated in the immediate region.

This allows the company to customize arrangements and provision both to your own needs and the needs of the area.

Emergencies and Support

When calling for advice on any matter – not just security – speaking to a real person who understands your concern is a considerable bonus.  Even if it’s as simple as having a problem with your fridge! What a customer least wants is a series of automated messages before finally having to repeat the problem to somebody who doesn’t get your problem.

If this is bad enough with something as trivial as a household appliance, imagine the effect when you are ringing in an emergency, or where a serious problem has arisen.

A local company is far more likely, through the simple law of demand, to have a real person on the end of the call.  Even more importantly, that person will know the area, probably know the immediate vicinity of your home or business and possibly know you personally.  Such reassurance can be deeply comforting.

Bespoke Packaging

Although not true of all large companies, many will offer a series of set products which, whilst of general benefit, might not actually address your concerns.  A smaller company is more likely to be willing to listen and assess your specific needs, and help you to address these.

You can see the hub

A local company is just that – local.  This means that you can visit the main business center, see it in operation and assess personally the effectiveness of the setup.  With a larger company, you are unlikely to get beyond the website, not least because it could be based hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Personal Servicing

When it comes to servicing alarms, checking CCTV cameras etc, your technician is likely to be one that you can get to know, as he or she may be part of a very small team.  This again offers the reassurance of being able to discuss, in a friendly and open way, any issues or concerns that you might have.  Over time the dialogue develops, and the technician has first-hand knowledge of your system and any idiosyncrasies it may hold.  For those using a much larger, more distant company, this kind of dialogue never gets going, because it is always a different technician who visits your sites.

When it comes to security, local is best.