Since February, the staff at Crime Intervention Alarm has been volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity job site in Red Lion, PA, on which a duplex is being built. In lieu of a day in the office, CIA employees, ranging from technicians to marketing staff, spend a full day at the site each month and have been integral in the construction of numerous components of the home. The local Habitat for Humanity organization notes that this will be its 121st home, and is still accepting applications from Habitat families interested in living in this house, which will be under construction for approximately six more months.  It is difficult to determine an exact date for completion because the time depends on how many volunteers are at the site. According to Habitat for Humanity, it takes over 4,000 volunteer hours to build a home. The staff at Crime Intervention Alarm is proud to chip at that daunting number by volunteering hours at the site.