We know that burglars are out there. They are watching our homes, learning our schedules, and planning possible break-ins at any time.  Knowing home securities tips that can deter these break-ins is crucial.  This is the difference between protecting your family and belongings and being the victim of theft.

It’s about learning how a burglar thinks, and knowing how they choose their targets.  This gives you the information you need to take the proper steps in making it that much more difficult for them to enter your home.  Below are five basic tips you can use in order to protect yourself from burglaries.  These are not the only ways to deter burglaries, but are a great way to start making your home safer.

1. Have an alarm system in place.

Ensuring that your alarm system is functioning and on at all times is very important. Having signs out that specifically list the name of the security company can decrease the chances that a burglar will risk trying to break in your home.  This also means having an alarm system set up that only your family knows the code to.  Be wary of giving out personal information like this to neighbors or friends unless absolutely necessary.

2. Invest in good locks and use them!

Locks are no good at all if you keep doors open, even when you are at home. Ensure all entrances, meaning both your front door and secondary entrance have locks and are used at all times.  This also means not keeping a spare key in the front yard that can easily be found.  Be smart about keeping doors locked and not making it easy for burglars to break into flimsy doors.

3. Keep your lights on.

Keeping your lights on can decrease your chances of break-ins at night especially.  It also doesn’t allow a burglar to know if you are home or not if lights are on. If you plan on being away, put a timer on your lights to ensure they are on even when you aren’t there.  Also installing lighting that has motion sensors can send burglar running from your home!  If you have a backyard, this is a prime area that needs to be lit at night due to it being an easy entry.

4. Install security cameras.

When installing the cameras, make sure that they are visible from the outside of the home but high enough that they cannot be easily taken down. This is another area that you can also add signage that your home is protected by video surveillance.  Also taking the extra steps in covering your camera with protective netting or film can ensure burglars can’t easily cover it when trying to gain access.

5. Burglar-proof your backyard.

This means ensuring that your backyard isn’t an easy target for burglars. Making sure that there aren’t climbing opportunities such as grills, patio furniture, tree limbs or even playground equipment are easy ways you can decrease the opportunities you give burglars in breaking in from the backyard.