There has been a display of ignorance amongst locals in regards to their local Police department. Some people do not see the need to be aware of the situated police department in their locality, perhaps they undermine their potency in carrying out their activities. This piece hopefully is an eye-opening one that shows the relevance of the Local Police Department and what they want the locals that they safeguard to be aware of in their daily activities. Indeed, the execution of their duties is not solely on them but rather on the collective of all parties, both the Police agents and the persons that inhabit the community under protection.

Over time, the Police have been tagged the “bad guys” instead due to the impression the communities created. They believe abruptly that the Police are dysfunctional and provoke more havoc in the orderliness and targeted progress of the society. This retrogressive impression revolving in the mindset of the native has stirred a worrisome atmosphere for the agents of the Police and invariably goad difficulties in the achievement of their goals.

The duties of the Local Police as part of the executive arm are saddled to give high credence to the well-being of the citizen through absolute protection is taken as their priority. It is also a responsibility to them to ensure that the state is not jeopardized by the action of any individual who does not oblige to the outlining law that guides the society. As the responsibility bestowed on them, it is of high importance that we should be accustomed to the nuances that revolve around the Police. Why were they established in the first place, just for the maintenance of peace and order?

Aside from the maintenance of peace and order, the institution is equipped with pertinent duties that must be executed to reach the substantial reason for its establishment. This is why we must reckon to them if they seek our obligation and module of fastening the achievement of their stipulated aim.

There have been impending factors that have altered the main pursuit of the local police department, this amongst others is TRUST. The trust on Police within the locality is at a low level, they do not see the Police as having a supporting institution that propagates peace, averts disputes and aids in the stabilization of the society. This weakened trust or nothingness of trust on the Police has purged ineffectiveness on the side of the Police. This furthered other reluctant interest that wraps the heart of the Police Institute since those they are assigned to protect is totally against their being in the position of peace-maintainer.

It is high time we washed away the prejudiced impression that has morphed into a tumor in our heart as locals against the police department. If this is not cleared off our mind, it will promote more grounds for the police to look inefficient in the discharge of their duties. It is important to note that the police are armored with the following duties:

  • Protection of the lives of Citizens.
  • Maintenance of peace and order.
  • Arresting of offenders.
  • Prosecution of victimizers who negate the law guiding the society.
  • These and many more are reasons we should know many things about the Local Police Department stationed a few buildings away from your household.