The thought of having your house broken into is never a situation we want to have to think about.  Knowing someone can enter your home and take your possessions can be very unsettling. The reality is burglaries occur every day no matter where you live.  You might be surprised to learn how burglars typically gain entry into a home.  Knowing the most common ways burglars break in can allow you the opportunity to protect yourself and your family from being a victim of theft.

The reality is, burglars want to get in and get out.  Most burglars spend less than one minute getting into a home and less than five minutes in the actual home.  It should be no surprise then that the most common ways a burglar breaks in are the front door, windows, secondary doors, and climbing opportunities.  Also, 95% of break-ins require some forced entry, meaning things such as cheap locks and windows with small latches are easy targets. Being aware of these can decrease the chances of someone easily being able to gain access to your home.


Gaining access through the front door can be done in a number of ways. The most common ways are by a spare key, unlocked door, or simply a small lock.  It should also be noted most burglaries are done during the day.  This is also due to individuals leaving their door open when they are home, especially during the day.


Windows, specifically those on the ground floor are easy targets.  They are not typically locked but latched closed and can easily be smashed or broken to gain entry.   During warmer months, windows become one of the most widely used forms of entry, simply because they are kept open more often.  Windows also are a mirror into the home, displaying items burglars might want to steal, such as jewelry, laptops, cameras and small electronic devices.


Secondary doors are typically not as well-equipped as front doors. Cheaper locks, doggy doors and being in a location that is more private makes this another prime source for entry by burglars.  This is also the door typically kept unlocked, with homeowners assuming since it’s in a more private area of the home it will go unnoticed.


Climbing opportunities are another way burglars can gain entry, even if the doors and windows are kept locked. These could be a grill, a ladder left out, playground equipment, patio furniture, sheds, or even tree limbs that are close to windows of the home.  Being aware of climbing opportunities you are giving to burglars can be very important!

Being aware of how burglars enter a home is so important if you want to be able to protect your family and home.  Ensuring you are aware of the common ways they can get in can ensure your home is safer today and deter those burglars from trying to get in!