One of the most stressful things about going on vacation is leaving your house vulnerable by having it unoccupied while you are gone. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do that will help you keep your home safe while you are away. The best thing that you can do is to have someone that you trust housesit for you, but this isn’t always an option for most people. These are some other ideas that you can use to secure your home.

It can be an excellent idea to have a professionally installed security system in your home, particularly one with cameras. Cameras can spot thieves as they break into your home and while they are in your home, while the alarm system will make a loud noise and send out an alert to emergency services. This will get a quicker response time should someone break in, making it more likely they will be caught. Thieves do not tend to like putting a lot of work breaking into homes, only targeting the most vulnerable targets. Just having a professional security system in place can often be enough to deter thieves from breaking into the home.

Smart technology can also be a great tool for you here. Smart lights can be turned on and off at various times of the day to give the appearance that someone is home. The problem with using something like a timer is that if a thief is casing out your home, they will notice the pattern and determine that the lights are a decoy. Smart lights can operate on a timer that varies every day. Smart locks can offer a great layer of protection as well as take images of people who are trying to break into your home. Smart devices are an amazing investment in your home.

You should have someone, whether it is a neighbor or a family member/friend that lives nearby, check on your home while you are away. Have them pick up your mail and your newspaper (if you get one still), which can give the illusion that someone is home. Thieves will notice if the mail is piling up and take this as a sign that your home is a good target for them. Make sure they have an extra key so that they can check in your home to make sure everything looks fine.

Never underestimate the power of things like outdoor motion detection lights or the sight of signs of a security system in the home. These are a few things that can deter thieves. You can also protect yourself by not announcing that you are leaving on vacation. Thieves have a way of finding out and will target your home. Be sure that you hide your valuables as much as possible because thieves want to quickly grab as much as they can and go so that they don’t get caught. You also never want to leave your spare key outside. Thieves will find it and use it. Instead, invest in a smart lock where you can let your loved ones in or give them a spare key.