Whilst deterring a very determined burglar can be difficult, most would be thieves are after an easy crime.  They want to be caught no more than we want to be burgled.

Therefore, by carrying out some straightforward security measures we can tell the burglar that they are in for a hard time if they try to invade our kingdom.  Here are some of the ways we can put up two metaphorical fingers to the criminal fraternity.

Have A Front Door Without a Letter Box

Or, include some method on your letterbox that makes it difficult for a burglar to see through it into your home.  Burglars will not only peer through this opening to get an insight into our homes but also to ‘fish’ for objects such as car keys.

If changing the whole front door is too much of a problem, then install a box with a solid back to ensure that the burglar cannot use it to his (or her) advantage.

Fit a CCTV Camera

The costs of these devices have fallen considerably in recent times.  Also, they are not as ill looking as they used to be although, on the basis that prevention is better than cure, they should not blend into your home so well that they are not obvious to a wrong doer.

Few burglars will want to be caught on camera, and if they are, then the police have a far greater chance of capturing the culprit.

Close Windows at Night and When You are Out of the House

Such an obvious point, but many of us would be surprised by how tiny a space is needed for a burglar to gain access to your home.  We can have a false sense of security if we are in the house, say asleep upstairs.  But if we think about it, waking up to find a burglar in our homes is one of the greatest nightmare scenarios we can envisage.

Invest in a Security System

In today’s world, more and more homeowners and renters are investing in security systems to defend their homes. These systems are at an all time low in terms of expense and at an all time high in terms of quality. The best reason to get a system is to protect your home when you’re not around. Most burglaries occur during the day when residents are at work, so an affordable security system at Crime Intervention Alarm will offer peace of mind 24/7. Learn more about our home security systems by clicking here.

Be Security Aware

Don’t leave tools and implements that might aid a crook lying around.  That ladder you meant to put away could help a crook to gain access to a small upstairs window.  The spade not locked in the garden shed could tell a burglar that there is a chance of breaking in via the patio doors.

Keep Physical and Cyber Calendars Out of Sight

If your family calendar is on show through a window, a burglar can quickly see when you are in and when out.  Similarly, broadcasting your anticipation of a fortnight in Majorca via Facebook is a dead giveaway that there are dead giveaways to be had for any crook, courtesy of your home.