Back in the day, getting a knock on your door and answering it without taking a look was common. It was always a nice surprise to receive a guest to your house. It may have been your neighbors asking for something, family dropping in, or friends in the area. Many times we know who to expect when we receive a knock on our door. Sometimes, when there is a knock at the door, a little child would answer, possibly with a barking dog. However, many things have changed and it is imperative that we take precautions before answering the door. Most importantly, we no longer send our small children to answer the door. In this discussion of home security, we will take a look at what to do when there’s a knock at the door.

The first thing you want to always do is take a look through your window, or peephole, before answering the door. In order to be inconspicuous, look through the window in such a way that the person knocking at the door will not realize you are checking them out before you open the door. If you cannot see who is behind the door, use the window to take a further look outside. Try to notice other people walking in the area. Also look to see if the person possibly came from driving in a car.

Many homes that have security systems in this day and age have the ability to look at their phones to see who is at their front door. Some homes have a camera monitor on the inside of their house, so they are able to view on the small television monitor the person at the door. Checking the surveillance cameras at your home is the safest thing to do when you receive a knock at your door.

If you are unable to view the face of the person at your door, it is okay to speak to the person through the door. When you are in a hotel room, it is recommended that when someone is in the room that the door is not just closed, but bolt locked, and that the chain is put on. If you have a chain on your door, make sure it is on the door to stop someone from trying to barge into your residence. Speaking through the door is not rude. Since you do not know who is at your door, the least information you want to know is the nature for them being there. So if you receive a knock, speak through the door asking the person to state who they are and their business for being there.

Ignoring a knock at the door can cause a solution and can cause a problem. If you do not know the person who is at the door, and you do not feel comfortable asking who they are, simply ignore the knock. The good thing about this method is the person on the other side might go away. The bad thing about this method is if the person at the door is a burglar, ignoring the knock may give the burglar the impression that no one is home and they are free to break in and rob you.

The final security measure you should take when there is a knock at the door is to call the authorities, especially if you believe the person on the other side may cause harm or pain to yourself, home, or family. Let the police know your concerns about someone knocking on your door and allow them to investigate the person.

These are simple security measures you can take when you receive an unannounced knock at your door.