We always try our best to prepare for any type of emergency, and having a panic button is a great way to do it. Panic buttons can be placed anywhere in your home to help call emergency services at the literal press of a button. They can alert the authorities if someone is breaking into your home, or for assistance, if you have fallen and cannot get up. Since they can be placed anywhere, we have a few tips on some of the most effective locations for panic buttons in your home.

Your bedrooms

This is one of the most effective location to put a panic button since you can alert emergency services as soon as you awake to a disturbance. As soon as you feel unsafe during the night, you can press your panic button to call emergency services. Unlike dialing your phone and talking to an emergency operator, pressing your panic button is a much faster method. Not to mention, pressing a button is a lot quieter than talking on the phone, even when you are whispering.

By your door

Consider this scenario, it is late at night and a person is knocking at your door. They insist on coming in and will not leave your property. This is where having a panic button comes in hand, especially one by the door. It is also very effective when an intruder forces their way into your home. In these scenarios, you can call emergency services as soon as the intruder makes their way into your home. You do not have to worry about running and hiding in order to dial your phone to call the authorities.

Your bathrooms

It is not uncommon to lock oneself into the bathroom in case of a home intrusion. This is often the case for young children who are frightened in emergencies. Having a panic button in your bathrooms will help if such emergencies were to occur. A panic button also comes in handy in cases where you may slip or are unable to leave the bathtub. No matter what type of emergency, a panic button in your bathroom may save your life.

Your living room

The living room is one of the most active rooms in the household, which is why it is such a great location for a panic button. If something were to happen in the living room, help would just be a panic button press away. It is also a great location for people who are unfamiliar with your home and need to call emergency services.

Your kitchen

Your kitchen is another active room in your household. The kitchen is also where most accidents happen. Having a panic button in the kitchen is essential for calling emergency services for such injuries. A few examples of injuries that can occur in the kitchen include cutting oneself, a small child ingesting toxic substances, and falls.  Whatever the case, a panic button in your kitchen is a great way to prepare for any type of emergency.