Home security is incredibly important when maintaining a safe and comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your family. Our home’s provide us with a safe space where we can relax, spend time with family and friends and enjoy ourselves without worry. However, often home security can be jeopardized when we become the victims of break-ins and burglary attempts. These criminal acts can make us feel unsafe in our homes and violate our rights to privacy and protection from theft and vandalism. With that being said, there are a few simple do’s and don’ts that we can follow to avoid becoming the victims of a burglary act and incorporating them into your life may be the first big step in avoiding becoming the next person to put their home security at risk.

First of all, be aware of what you are sharing on social media. Information about our daily routines such as work commutes, planned outings, and upcoming vacations are all valuable information to burglars. While sharing this type of information online is often intended as a means of keeping friends and family in the loop on our day to day lives, in the wrong hands this information can be used to decipher when your home will be empty and provide the optimal opportunity for a break-in or burglary to occur.

As well, you should ensure that strong locks are installed on all of your doors and windows and keep them locked unless necessary to have them open or when you are home. Keeping your home securely locked is the first step in fending off break-in attempts by ensuring that all access points are appropriately sealed off and impenetrable. Additionally, consider installing a home security system that will sound off if any of these access points are breached when you are home or asleep. Triggered by sounds like shattering glass or unexpected motion, home security systems provide an incredible extra level of security when keeping your home safe.

Finally, consider buying a safe to keep valuables in, especially when you are away from home for extended periods of time like vacations. Safes can provide excellent spaces to store things like jewelry and important documents and give an extra level of security if your home was ever to be broken into.

Overall, there are many things that we can do to avoid putting our homes at risk for burglary and break-in attempts. Home security is one of the most important areas of safety in our lives and doing everything we can to keep our homes safe and secure for ourselves and our loved ones is of the utmost importance in maintaining a comfortable and happy lifestyle. While there is nothing we can do to guarantee ourselves safety from a break-in or burglary attempt, by following some of these simple do’s and don’t when it comes to home security we can do a lot to ensure that we keep our homes as safe as possible.