When it comes to protecting your house, it’s important to always be up to date and aware of the latest threats and how to counter them. Home security is moving at a phenomenal pace, as are the threats which it faces, and technological advances have brought new challenges and tools to the concept. When it comes to trying to choose what to install to protect your home, it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by all the different options that are out there – you’re not relying on a neighbor popping over to move the curtains around a bit and flip on different lights every few days anymore!

One of the first installations you might consider is motion sensors, which will make it easy to tell if anyone uninvited is walking around on your property. You can add on things like fire or smoke alarms, flooding detectors, and devices to measure carbon monoxide levels to keep you safe while at home as well as while away.

You could also consider sensors which will alert you if a window or door has been opened. This might be better if you have a pet which could accidentally trigger motion alerts, as it will still let you know as soon as there’s a potential intrusion, without setting off a dozen false alarms because your kitten found a ball of string.

Video feeds are becoming an increasingly popular way to see exactly what’s going on in your home, and many companies provide high-quality, reliable cameras at affordable prices, with options to store feeds for you to review later. The technology behind these cameras is always improving, reducing the chance of a false alarm because a tree blew about in the wind, and providing you with more accurate data to keep your home safe.

If you have got neighbors coming over to feed a pet or water your plants, you might want to look into the kind of lock you have on your door. A myriad of new technology allowing you to remotely access your door lock from your smartphone has hit the market, which is a great way to ensure a neighbor can pop round and you can let them in without having to give your keys to someone else. You can also use door locks which will open for certain smartphones, allowing you to programme in a trusted neighbor while keeping out strangers.

Finally, something you might consider is a camera by your doorbell; one of the newest ideas, this lets you see if anyone has walked up and rung the bell to try and check if your home. It can record any suspicious activity going on near your entryway, so if somebody unfamiliar is hanging about, you can alert the authorities. You will also know if there’s a parcel waiting, or a friend has called by.

With so many options and technological advancements, it’s important to think about what will best suit your lifestyle and give you the most peace of mind for your time away from home.