Burglar-Proof Your Home

Every 15 seconds a burglary is committed in the U.S. When choosing a home to invade, burglars target the properties that are easiest to access. Unfortunately, many of the same qualities that make your home attractive and welcoming for you can also make the attractive to thieves. How many of these apply to your home?

Romantic Ambience
Take a look at your home by night. Are the entryways well lit?  Or are they hidden in darkness? Darkness may be romantic (and better to sleep by), but it also makes your home more attractive to thieves.

Bushes and Trees
Shielding the view of your windows and doors from neighbors and from the street may make your home feel cozy, but it also gives thieves a place to ply their trade free from prying eyes.

Good fences may make good neighbors (and keep your dog safe), but they can also make it easy for thieves to hide when accessing your property.

Keys Under the Mat
It’s great to have friend and relatives who can stop by when you’re out, but hiding keys under mats, flower pots, plastic rocks and other items near your doorways gives thieves an easy way in as well. Consider: if you thought of hiding your key there, chances are a lot of others have, as well. Thieves know our best hiding places.

Unlocked Doors and Windows
It’s nice that you live in an area where you feel safe, but leaving windows and doors unlocked or garage doors open is inviting a thief in.

If you like your shrubs, mood lighting, and open lifestyle, you might consider using a home security system to protect it. A proper system can make your home uninviting to thieves while keeping it inviting for you and your family and guests.

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