CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and is a process carried out in urgent situations involving cardiac arrest. As cardiac arrest can be caused by different situations, CPR is a very important tool for on-scene response at the venue of an emergency, this can be the difference between survival and death. The statistics show that the majority of cardiac arrest patients do not survive, and this has been attributed to the fact that most first responders do not know CPR. They simply place a call to the emergency helpline and wait for paramedics to show up and help, by which time, it may be too late. Cardiac arrest can occur in people of all ages, at any location, due to any of a wide number of circumstances, due to this fact, here are some reasons why it is important to know CPR:

  • High occurrence rate amongst children: It is a known fact that children, especially infants and toddlers require constant care and attention. In the event where this fails, children can end up seriously hurt. One of the major causes of child death in the world is drowning. When a child falls into a pool, cardiac arrest is almost inevitable. Due to this fact, CPR is a very handy tool to have in such a situation. With knowledge of CPR, the child can be quickly resuscitated before emergency personnel arrive on the scene to administer further medical attention and ensure the child is in good health. In the absence of CPR, the child may die before emergency personnel arrive, which would be a terrible and sad event for the family of the child.
  • Helps avoid permanent brain damage: Whenever an individual suffers respiratory failure, the brain is one of the organs which is affected the most. The longer the timeout, the more likely a person is likely to suffer permanent brain damage. CPR helps reduce the timeout and can be the difference between perfect health and irreversible brain damage.
  • Very useful in the home: As stated earlier, one of the largest causes of infant death is drowning, and cardiac arrests can happen anywhere, at any time, without prior warning. As such, it is a very important tool, especially in homes with pools. Others situations involving cardiac arrest may also present themselves, but with a knowledge of CPR, they are bound to be minor inconveniences.
  • Easy to learn: The processes involved in CPR are relatively easy to learn and is a very useful tool that can come in handy at any time. As cardiac arrests occur without warning, CPR proves to be very useful in saving lives, and as it is very easy to learn, everyone should at least have basic knowledge of the process. It also proves useful in public events such as sport games, rallies, or even on the public transportation system, as cardiac arrest can occur anywhere.

The knowledge of cardiac arrest also provides confidence to whoever possesses it, making them feel competent in the face of emergencies.