Before we can talk about how and if home automation increases the value of the home, we first have to talk about what it is. Automation is where you can access certain systems in your home remotely. Kind of like remote starting your car but you can remote start your home instead. When you come home from the store you can have your lights turned on in the home, or the alarm already turned off.

Other forms of automation could be smart appliances. There are actually things like the new Samsung refrigerator where from the store you can see what is in there, and get a list.  There are security systems where you can see what is going on at your home and even speak to those at the door without having to leave your job or even your couch. Smart homes generally also include the thermostat which can control the heat and the cool in the home from farther away so the home can be warm or cool by the time you get there without having to waste any energy.

Are People Looking for Automation?

The basic answer to that is yes.  This generation and the ones that are now buying homes and new places, they are really looking to be connected at pretty much all times.  But it is recommended that some things are separate from others, not everything on one system. Having them separate means that if one system breaks down it isn’t the entire house that no longer works. If you have them individually, only one thing is broken down at a time, which is more desirable. Plus then you as the owner can choose how to make each system, some easier than others, some more complex.

Apparently one of the most desirable is lighting and window shades. Everything can be done wirelessly. Imagine it’s starting to get dark, you can easily and remotely turn the lights up and vice versa. With window shades, you can open the ones on half the house where the sun is shining to control the sunlight in the home. Maybe you are away and forgot that they were open, now you can close them. Or leave the home and turn off all the lights simultaneously.  Makes it easier than yelling at the kids to turn their lights off.

How it Increases the Value

When selling a home and deciding on the price, you have to consider what you have as compared to what they have. So if you and Jane Doe next door have similar homes and both are selling, you can easily boost the price with additional add-ons.  People want the bells and whistles, and if they see two similar homes, and one has remote lights and windows, a smart security system etc., you are more apt to buy that home, and buyers are more likely to spend more as well. That’s why automating the home can make you more money when you plan on selling.