Safes are an integral part of any home. You need them to keep important documents and valuables protected from any harm. In case you possess firearms then it becomes important to keep them at a place from where they cannot get into wrong hands. Depending upon type and number of items need protecting, you might require a big safe or a small one. In case you live in a flood-prone area then having water-resistant safes become important. There are a number of factors that need to be considered before buying a safe. Before deciding upon a safe it is important to know about its specifications. It would also be a better idea to get inputs from people already using them.

Here are some guidelines that would help you choose a safe best suited to your needs.

Size and weight of safe

The size of safe will depend upon a number of parameters. First is the number and type of items that would go into the safe. The safe should be large enough to fit all the items. Secondly is the area where the safe needs to be installed in the home. The safe should be able to go through doorways and stairways to reach its installation place.

The weight of the safe is also a significant deciding factor. Heavy safes are difficult to move. This proves as a deterrent to thieves as they are unable to carry them. The thickness of the safe also becomes an obstacle for thieves.

Locking mechanism

Safes come equipped with different types of locks. There are electronic locks and mechanical locks. The mechanical locks are required to be serviced at regular intervals. Electronic locks do not require any kind of maintenance. There is another type of lock called redundant lock. It has mechanical and electronic locks together.These locks provide the highest protection.


The safe should be made of high-quality material that can withstand falls or prying tools. It should also be certified by independent companies that test manufacturer’s claims. Some of the well-known certifications are UL and ETK. You can look for these certifications on the specifications that come with the safe or on the packaging.

Protection from the elements

The safe should be able to resist fire and water. A safe that can withstand fire for around 30 minutes should be adequate for homes. A safe should also be able to protect items from water. Ensure that the safe has adequate water resistant features and can stay submerged in water for some time without water entering inside it.


Safes come in all kinds of price range from low and moderate to expensive. You can get safes costing $35 to safes costing $900. Depending upon the value of items you are storing in the safe you can choose a safe to suit your budget. It is important to note that high-quality safes are also long-lasting. Avoid storing very valuable items in a cheap safe.

Do your research before you make your purchase. Depending upon your specific requirements and by following the above guidelines you can choose a safe that suits your needs perfectly.