With the fast advancement in technology and innovation, License Plate Capture Cameras (also referred to as License Plate Recognition abridged as LPR cameras) are dominating the world of video surveillance and captures the numbers and text that make up a license plate of a moving car. These cameras are systematized with software and hardware that works in relation to the weather, speed and headlight glare at night.

Important Specification of a License Plate Capture Camera

  1. Resolution: The ultimate aim of having a camera is for it to capture quality images that are clear and have details that are readable. The higher the resolution, the higher the tendency of getting a clearer image, also depending on the speed of the car.
  2. Shutter Speed: The shutter speed tells how long a camera takes to capture an image or video. The shutter speed also contributes to the clarity of an image for it opens for light to stream into the camera before it captures an image. This is why it has a control for adjustment.
  3. Headlight Compensation: In order to capture high-quality images, a license plate capturing camera must compensate for vehicle headlights. This is especially for newer vehicles with bright, HD headlights. 

The introduction of License Plate Capture Cameras has eased the coordination and monitoring of traffic. This is done with the capturing of cars’ license plates overlapping the rules of traffic. This is one point amongst the importance of License Plate Capture Cameras, but before other importance is detailed, it is salient to mention how it works.

How it Works

Aside from the specification that comes with these cameras, it is important to watch out for crucial things that also contribute to its functionality such as the speed and angle of the car, the placement of the camera, and the time of day.

  • Slow moving cars assure one of getting quality images compared to fast-moving cars. The slow-moving cars enabled alongside with slowed down shutter speed captures a clear image.
  • Your camera should be angled 30 degrees above your target.
  • Image quality at night is most times poor even with an HD camera unlike during the day.

Importance of License Plate Capture Cameras

Earlier explained above, the establishment of such a camera has greatly added a plus to our security and strategic techniques. It is also important for:

  • Providing details needed by police to enable them to track their wanted criminal.
  • This camera is important because it unearths to us the persons or things that try to break into our cars.
  • It can be of great help to the location of stolen cars and their retrieval.
  • It has also helped security personnel in optimally getting their duties completed.