Complete IP Security Camera Solutions

Any camera that is installed by CIA has been selected based on our high standards of performance and picture quality. We provide customized surveillance solutions for our customers including indoor and outdoor cameras, infrared, weatherproof, vandal-resistant and pan/tilt/zoom cameras.

  • 120+ Days of Recordings Saved
    Crime Intervention Alarm is able to provide systems that save video footage up to 120+ days or longer.
  • Full Remote Control
    Access your camera system from anywhere in the world. Save recordings, move cameras, anything you need.
  • IP Solutions
    Insallation is easy with our IP and/or wireless camera solutions.

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Complete Security Camera Solutions

Video surveillance systems provide an easy, reliable way to monitor activity, even when you are not there. Our professionals will assess common security risk factors such as building, size, and traffic to determine what security options are right for you. We can also incorporate existing security cameras into your new CIA system. With our high definition cameras, you’ll be able to monitor your property with crystal clarity during all hours of the day, even in the middle of the night! Have areas you also need to hear? We’ve got you covered – ask us about options for audio and feel free to contact us today for free demos.


We Use Our Own Customized Equipment

At Crime Intervention Alarm, we only use the latest technology for our camera and security systems. When you work with Crime Intervention, you can be assured that you are not only getting the best quality picture and audio, but also the best quality support. We train your entire security staff on all of the features of your new system and our remote access systems are easy and fun to use. We stand by our products and always provide at minimum a full year warranty on all of our equipment.

Extreme Quality & Capture Abilities

We have a wide range of products that are customized to fit every scenario. Our cameras are so clear, you’re able to capture clear pictures of license plates and faces from over 100 feet away even in the middle of the night! We’ve helped catch criminals and incidents such as:

  • License plates of vehicles fleeing from a robbery
  • Faces of trespassers in a large warehouse
  • Hit and run accidents in a large parking lot
  • Amount of money taken from drawers in employee theft
  • Plus much more!

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