Advanced IP Time Clock Systems

Crime Intervention Alarm offers IP time clock systems that accurately track employee times and generate automated payroll reports. Employee data is transmitted over secure Internet channels and integrated across applications to create a single timekeeping, payroll and attendance system, significantly reducing time spent tracking, verifying and reporting employee hours. The systems easily calculate and manage sick, holiday and vacation time and can be configured to prevent unwanted overtime. No separate software is required.

Advanced Employee Tracking

We recognize that no two companies are the same therefore your system will cater to your organization’s specific needs. As a client with Crime Intervention Alarm, you’ll not only be leading the industry with one of the best employee tracking systems, but you’ll also get the excellent support and client care we’re known for. Some frequently installed features in our time and attendance software include:

  • Mobile push notifications when employees clock-in and out.
  • Wireless RFID chips and/or fingerprint sensors to ensure employees are who they say they are.
  • Daily, monthly and yearly advanced reporting
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Plus much much more!

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