Top-Rated Academic Facility Lockdown Solutions

Crime Intervention Alarm provides the ultimate in academic facility security and safety with our advanced Lockdown Systems.

  • Notify Police and Faculty

    With our Lockdown Systems, you’ll be able to contact authorities with the press of a button and notify faculty via smartphone or other electronic devices.

  • One-Touch Lockdown Systems

    Pressing a single button could save lives. Act fast with our One-Touch Lockdown Systems.

  • Works for All Emergencies

    Our Lockdown Systems work with all emergencies ranging from school intrusion to weather emergencies and drills.

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Protect students, faculty, and visitors with our Lockdown Systems.

Crime Intervention Alarm provides custom lockdown plans for academic facilities to manage staff and student security. Our expert installers assess the risks facing your unique institution and develop a comprehensive lockdown plan to protect the entire facility.

Notify Police Discreetly

Contact the authorities of any emergency situation quietly and instantly without having to pick up the phone.

Lock All Entrances

It only takes the push of a button to lock all entrances around the perimeter of the facility as well as any interior security doors.

Detect Intruders

With our hallway motion sensors, you will be able to pinpoint exactly where any intruders are located within any given second.

Strobe Emergency Lights

These lights can be placed inside and outside of the facility to notify everyone that there is an emergency situation.

Call Monitoring

Record and monitor any conversations over school lines. You’ll know the location of all outgoing calls and who made them.

Notify Faculty and Students

Notify all faculty and students schoolwide of an emergency via email, text message, or PA system.

One-Touch Lockdown Systems

With our One-Touch Lockdown Systems, it only takes one person to lock all doors, notify police, disable all access, notify all faculty and students, and turn on emergency strobe lights throughout the facility. The panic button can be accessed by going to stations strategically located within an academic facility, as well as on any smartphone or other device.

Our Lockdown Systems are useful for:

  • School Intrusions

  • Weather Emergencies and Drills

  • School Lockdown Drills

  • Fire Drills

  • Bomb Threats and Drills


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Having a Secure Academic Facility is Just a Call Away.

Why Choose Crime Intervention Alarm?

We’ve had over 20 years of experience installing process monitoring systems and surveillance systems for nearly any industry or application. We know all of the best practices and can work with nearly any budget. In today’s world, the safety of your faculty and staff is priority and therefore we strive to be #1 in commercial security applications.

With the number one priority of protecting what matters most to each organization, We were built on the following principles:

  • True, personalized customer service. A CIA customer will never feel like “a number.”
  • Always make sure that each customer has the equipment that is right for his or her specific situation. Customizable solutions are key!
  • Provide only the fastest, most reliable security monitoring service on the market.

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