Integrated Risk Management

CIA offers comprehensive loss prevention services, including risk analysis, custom system designs, professional installation and ongoing support. We start every proposal with a thorough analysis of the risks facing your business and recommend custom solutions based on your needs. We consider risks from fire, CO, break-in, vandalism, employee theft, equipment failures and more and then present a proposal that outlines your options. As a certified First-Alert security provider, our services are proven to provide the security you need.

Natural Hazards

In addition to fire and CO, our systems protect your business in case of storms, flooding and extreme weather. You can receive alerts when power is interrupted, systems shut down or temperatures rise or drop outside of recommended ranges.

Intruders / Burglary

Our advanced security systems can send alerts to your phone or another device when your perimeter is breached, motion is detected onsite, your alarms are armed or disarmed or glass is broken, protecting your business from burglary, trespassing and property damage.


We offer sophisticated systems to deter and detect shoplifting, burglary, register theft and fraud. We can help you detect and prevent time card and attendance fraud, register theft, inventory shrink, unauthorized access and hostile intrusion by existing and former employees and their associates.


Our video surveillance, perimeter control and access control systems protect you from liability for personal injury claims, workplace injury claims, and guest security breaches. Our cameras offer high enough resolution to be admitted as evidence in court.

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