Cutting-Edge Process Monitoring Systems

Crime Intervention Alarm is leading the industry advanced Process Monitoring/Control Systems that will improve the safety and efficency of your entire enterprise.

What is a Process Monitoring System?

21st century process monitoring (also known as process control) does far more than simple product quality control. Our systems give total control to an operator of enterprises large and small alike while delivering unmatched performance in speed and ease of use. Within seconds of an incident, your operators will be able to respond accordingly with their system. Improve efficiency and safety of your entire organization today with Crime Intervention Alarm’s process monitoring systems.

How Could I Use Process Monitoring?

Control Manufacturing

  • Monitor the performance and health of all machines and processes
  • Track employee performance and efficiency
  • Get instantly alerted to malfunctions or emergencies
  • Immediately shut off gas or power to machines or sections of a plant

Better Employee Performance

  • Better efficiency & technology allows less labor to manage an enterprise
  • Less stress on process management employees
  • Much improved safety of all employees
  • Easier onboarding and training

Advanced Process Management is a Call Away.

Why Choose Crime Intervention Alarm?

We’ve had over 20 years of experience installing process monitoring systems and surveillance systems for nearly any industry or application. We know all of the best practices and can work with nearly any budget. In today’s world, the safety of your faculty and staff is priority and therefore we strive to be #1 in commercial security applications.

With the number one priority of protecting what matters most to each organization, We were built on the following principles:

  • True, personalized customer service. A CIA customer will never feel like “a number.”
  • Always make sure that each customer has the equipment that is right for his or her specific situation. Customizable solutions are key!
  • Provide only the fastest, most reliable security monitoring service on the market.

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