Fingerprint & Advanced Access Control

Biometric access control systems require users to scan fingerprints or hands into an electronic reader for identification. The systems are convenient and noninvasive, freeing users from having to keep track of keys, badges or codes. Because they are highly accurate and cannot be lost, shared or stolen, they provide exceptionally secure access control for businesses and organizations. They can be used at entrances or on individual devices and workstations, making them highly versatile for a range of business applications.

How Could My Organization Benefit With Biometric Access Control?

Employee Clock-In

Keep employees honest and make an extremely fast clock-in process with fingerprint technology. These affordable solutions are perfect in nearly every company.

Lockdown Room Access

Provide one of the highest levels of security to prevent access to a specific room or area in your building. Only authorized personnel can get through.

Arm/Disarm Systems

Control security, fire, and other admin systems within your organization. Only authorized personnel through fingerprint sensors will have access to the systems.

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