When you decide to move out of the home that you are currently living in then you may need to do a lot more organizing than you normally do. The only solution to this is that you will either need to hire a professional moving team or you can choose to do it yourself. The joy of doing it yourself aside from the feeling of self-fulfillment is that you will know exactly where everything is. Sometimes you forget to mark a box fragile and the movers can cause some breakages which most companies do not cover. One thing is for sure with some simple tips you will have the smoothest moving day ever.


One mistake people make when they hire movers is to leave the responsibility of packing to them without being present. Oversee the entire process and give the labels you think will help make the process easier.

Provide snacks. Whether it’s your family helping or professionals make sure to give out snacks. Use protein snacks to avoid the high and crash of sugary or processed foods.

Check the bill of landing

In case of any damage then this is what will save you from losing to a moving company. Ensure you have it until you unpack the last box.

Check your home the last time

Often you will find a family has left behind a box in the attic or basement. Ensure you check all the rooms in the house for items left behind. Also ensure to get the closets, bathrooms, and cabinets. You also want to recheck the house after you are done removing all the items. This is to make sure there is no damage caused by the movers. You do not want to lose your deposit over the broken door or window.

You will also want to read all your last meter readings. This is to ensure the last bill you get from your utility companies match the readings you have.

Make sure you have cash on hand to pay for any tolls on the way or tip the movers.

Inspect the new home

One mistake that most people make is to not inspect their new homes just before they move in. Let us take a look at some of the things you can do to make it easier for you to move into the new home.

  • Check all the utilities.
  • Place labels on all the doors to help movers have an easier time. You can place the same on boxes e.g. For Marks room.
  • You can also tape layouts on the floor so everyone can tell where they are going and you do not have to be at the door and the upstairs bedroom at once.
  • Transit.

When you decide everything is well packed and you’re ready to leave then get the numbers of all the drivers. This will help in case one of them gets lost. If you decide to drive your own truck then you would do best to lock the cargo door and drive extra carefully due to the heavy weight.