When you decide to go on vacation there are some things you need to check do before you leave. If you are going for a winter vacation then you will need even more security parameters in your home and while on the trip. Most people will leave it to their neighbors to watch out for their homes when it comes to home safety. While on the trip there are several things you should do since the snowy weather can be unforgiving.

  • Lock all the doors and windows.
    Before you leave for your trip ensure you lock all the doors and windows. If you leave even one window cracked you could be the victim of a break-in or a lot of draft and snow in the house. This may end up ruining your floor carpeting or even causing mold to grow.
  • Install an alarm system.
    One of the most basic security measures when leaving your home is to have an alarm system installed in your home. This will ensure you can have peace of mind as you travel. Install cameras in the main rooms that you can check remotely. If you can get some relative to house-sit while you’re gone, then do it.
  • Know all the police and emergency numbers in the new location.
    The sooner help can get to you the better. In most cases, people waste a lot of time figuring out the emergency numbers in a foreign country.
  • Unplug all electrical equipment before leaving your home. You don’t want electrical items to fail or start fires when you leave.
  • While on the trip you will also need to be extra careful while you vacation in a different place in winter. If you plan to travel by car then make sure your gas tank is never empty. Make several stops to ensure you are always full. Carry extra fuel in a container in the trunk. Check all the fluid levels before leaving each stop. Scrape off all the snow and ice from the windows and windscreen.
    • If you plan to travel by air then make sure to have your flight status. Winter weather brings about a lot of delayed flights and it would be easier to just wait at home than in a crowded airport. Prepare for bumpy flights and coping mechanisms especially if you are traveling with children.
    • Get a game plan. If you are traveling with family then create a game plan for whenever you are in crowded areas. Decide to walk in pairs or with the older members at the front and the back. Children have been known to be kidnapped mostly in winter in crowded areas. Make sure everyone in your party has the number or information of a reliable adult on them in case they get lost.
    • Do not go into bad neighborhoods in new towns. The likelihood that you will either get lost or have an altercation in a foreign neighborhood is high. Stick to the tourist sites.