If you are interested in keeping money or important documents secure in your home then a safe could be a viable option for you. Depending on what you are planning to keep in the safe and how secure you need it to be, there is a range of different options available to you.

Fire-rated Safes

Designed to keep important documents safe in the event of a fire, these safes are substantially resistant to heat and flames as well as offering theft protection. These can be a practical option if you plan on storing your safe in a basement or somewhere difficult to access in a fire.

Office Safes

Office safes can be both free-standing or floor bolted and are rigorously drop tested to prevent thieves accessing them. They come in a variety of sizes which can be helpful if you are installing into a tight space.

In-floor Safes

In-floor safes are one of the most secure options. Not only are they near impossible to remove, they can also be easily hidden. However, installation can be very messy as well as costly. This is definitely an option for people with a larger safe in mind.

Wall Mounted Safes

Similar to in-floor safes, wall-mounted safes can be easily hidden and are difficult to remove. They tend to be on the smaller side and installation can be very tricky.

Disguisable Lock-boxes

If you are looking for a short-term solution and a rather small safe, a lock box can be a good idea. Often disguised as books, these lockboxes can be hidden in plain sight although they are not the strongest option.

Once you have decided the type of safe best suited to your needs and the space you have available, it is time to consider which lock mechanism you wish to use. Much like the safe options, different locks have different purposes and benefits.

Single Key Lock

A key lock means no PIN number to forget and no battery to run out. However, it does require you to keep a key which can be costly to replace and in some situations are irreplaceable; you do not want to have to pay out to replace your safe because you have lost the key!


Keypads are a more common option. It allows the owner more freedom to set and change the code when they like and advanced keypads can even have time delay security options.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanners offer maximum security without the chances of losing keys or PIN numbers. However, they are certainly the most expensive option and can significantly increase the price of your safe.

Dial Combination

Dial combination safes are a little bit old school; although there is no battery to run flat or keys to lose, they are very fiddly and can be frustrating to use.

Dual Lock

Here you have the option of having two keys, or a combination of key and keypad code locks. This allows double security as two people can hold single keys and therefore will both need to present to unlock the safe. However, it does mean you will have twice as many keys to not lose.