If the popular television phenomenon, Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it is winter is coming. With many people looking forward to the holiday season and the first signs of snow, winter can be both a worrying and exciting time for many people. As the cold season begins, it is important to prepare for worse case scenarios, especially if you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall. Such extreme weather conditions can bring sudden blackouts at any moment and it’s vital you are ready for this if it happens. In this article, I’ll be going over just some of the ways you can stay safe in the event of a winter power outage.

During winter, it is important to keep yourself notified of the changing weather. If heavy snowfall is being forecast, it would be a good idea to equip your home with everything you may require to stay safe. Ask yourself what in your home runs off the mains and what is battery powered? Will your alarm system continue to function or is it as simple as replacing a battery? Without power, communication can suddenly become an issue. Mobile phones don’t last forever, and without power to recharge, you may find yourself cut off. Purchase a set of walkie talkies, then you can stay talking to people, even if it is only localized. You will also want access to a radio, so you can stay informed of any news you may need to know. Always keep a good amount of batteries ready as well, as you may find yourself needing them. Flashlights are also an important thing to remember, but sometimes the old ways are the most efficient. Keep some emergency candles around; even if you do run out of batteries, you will still be able to have light.

During a winter blackout there are four main things you truly need. Warmth, safety, food and water. If your heating is running off electric, then make sure you have plenty of warm clothing ready, as well as blankets. Homes can turn cold very quickly if the heating fails. At night, make sure all your doors are locked, and if possible, leave some sort of light around when you sleep. Burglars will instantly think twice if they believe someone is awake.

Always ensure you are fully stocked up on food and water. When you are buying for such an eventuality, the types of food you buy will be important. Non-perishable foods are the best; anything that can be stored for a long time and opened and consumed immediately. And of course, always remember to have a tin opener. Make sure you have a good supply of water and to be careful; ration it if you need. When the lights go out, there is no telling how long you may need it. A power outage can be scary when it happens. But if you stay calm and are well prepared, a long winters night will be nothing to worry about.